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Certified Herbalist in Ottawa, ON

My love for nature started at a very young age but didn’t manifest into a more personalized passion until I knew that my love for nature was also deeply rooted from my family tree and heritage.


Following my heart, I proceeded to learn more by studying Shamanic traditions and practices at the University of Ottawa with Antropologist professor Marie-Françoise GUÉDON. Anthropology and Ethnology brightened and opened my mind. The diversity and unique quality in every living thing on mother earth is a wisdom fully acquired by few and to learn and benefit from it, is the surface of the path I continue to walk.


Learning herbalism at The International Academy of Health Sciences with extremely knowledgeable, dedicated and inspiring teachers like Certified Herbalist Amber Westfall, and Master Nutritionist and Reflexologist Anna Varriano made studying and finally graduating, a fun yet most importantly rewarding experience.


Working with the medicine/herbs in accordance with sustainability, I have understood that what is truly free and given to us in this world has been taken so, without the respect and appreciation the earth deserves in return. In return, the importance of giving back is just as vital as giving thanks. This is a philosophy that is my consistent revolution, inspired by elders, teachers, fellow herbalists, permacurltualists, and other like minded individuals, and hopes to lead on the same teachings for future generations to come.


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what i do

The Best of Nature

Is a small locally owned business that focuses on healing with herbs. With knowledge in herbal energetics, nutrition, anatomy and physiology and pharmacology I dedicate the passion I have for the alternative world and herbal healing into helping an individual heal or prevent mental and physical ailments with my consultations and selling herbal products suitable for different needs. I enjoy sharing my knowledge by teaching others about the short and long term sustainable benefits that herbs have that have for relieving stress, healing the body from skin conditions, sores, aches and pains, viruses, colds, allergies, for beauty, for bliss and more!



Herbal Workshops

Herbal workshops can be done and organized randomly in the current  town I'm residing in ( Ottawa, ON ) Or done for a group or birthday party for the desired, and interested. Please contact me for details.

They include teachings such as herbal medicine making, or winter herbal medicine making and you will then leave with knowledge of the herbs that will be used, a salve of which had been made with the group and each person in the workshop will get a $5 coupon towards a one on one herbal consultation with me.

Best of Nature's, garden of love and peace in Nicaragua.

Herbal Consultations

A consultation consists of you and I working closely together discovering your body's current state through vital questioning which will then help me determine your constitution.  (1 hour).


Once we have completed the questionnaire and have found your constitution I will be able to provide you with:


  •  3-4 Herbal recommendations / as needed
  • 2-3 Dietary recommendation / as needed
  • 1-2 Lifestyle recommendations / as needed


 All my recommendations are personalized to your specific needs and will come with valid explanations for doses and methods of use.


  • Price of consultation is $40/hr.
  • Price of a follow-up is $20/hr.


At Best of Nature, all my products are handcrafted with the best available herbs.

Herbal Walks

Herbal walks start mid June when things are really coming up and out to show their beauty. I take a group of people willing to do a 2 hour walk/hike in a nearby forest where you will not only get to learn how to identify plants, and how to harvest them, but also what  the herbs are useful for and how to use them for healing!


Each month there are more and new plants flowering and others going to seed, so the variety of herbs you will learn are numerous! The valuable information I give on these walks are beneficial till the end of your years and of course is a knowledge that welcomes anyone interested in knowing the healing plants in the local area easily available to us.


The price of a herbal walk can vary on the season and the number of people attending when organized for a specific group. Please contact me if that is something of interest to you,.. Otherwise I organize walks and post them on facebook, in cafe's and kijiji for people who don't necessarily want to be in a very large group.

You can find Best of Nature products at local fairs in Sudbury and Ottawa, ON.


Flow’r Pow’r Herbal Spa Treatments!

Spa treatments with Medicinal Herbs:


Herbal Facials: $60.00- $100.00

ADD ON: Head, Shoulder, & Back Massage.


Personalized Facials: For specific complaints, needs and sensitive skin, personalized facials can be carefully prepared for your comfort and necessities.


Young & Wise Facial: This facial mask is for mature skin, that can help inhibit the process of ageing, strengthen the skin, increase healing cells to repair scars, stretch marks, blemishes, age spots, and discolorations on the skin.


Detox Facial: This facial mask is wonderfully refreshing, it

removes toxins and impurities in the skin, equally great for acne,

blackheads and whiteheads - All skin types.


Soak, Scrub & Rub: Hands or Feet - $40.00 - $60.00

Circulating blood, relieving stress and removing dead and callused skin. This Herbal infused soak, Personalized Scrub & and reflexology inspired massage will leave you at ease.


Head Massage/ Hair treatment - $40.00 - $60.00

For dry, brittle, frizzy and dead looking hair / dry and flakey scalp. Feed and treat your hair and scalp with a head massage treatment that utilizes “Beauty oil” an infused oil made with powerful medicinal herbs to strengthen, & moisturize your skin / hair.








The Best of Nature

Indulge in homemade herbal remedies and more for the alternative conscious mind! Indulge your skin and senses with my Sea-Salt scrubs, get the quickest most effective healing with Tinctures and Liniments, or sooth your skin with a healthy oil based herbal Salve!  I love the products I make and go lengths to insure you they all are made with quality herbs

  • Sustainably Harvested / Wildcrafted in Ontario Canada
  • Garden grown in Canada and Nicaragua
  • Organically grown in Canada or U.S.A.


m_victoria_m@hotmail.ca to make a purchase!!!


Please, also free to reach out to me at: m_victoria_m@hotmail.ca or by phone at: 1.705.561.5365


Stay In Touch :)

The Best of Nature



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Miranda M / 1. 705. 561. 5365


Perrier Ave, Ottawa, ON

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