--- Everyone should have the opportunity to learn and exchange creative knowledge that brings individuals together, builds communities, and maintains the innate equilibrium that each one of us is born with.


Enter Tierra Madre! A 12 acre welcoming environment built to encourage learning by combining health and healing.  A place where we can break the borders of culture, language and social status by teaching/learning  language, arts, trades and even just story telling.


We are aiming to spread our self-sustainable vision like love on toast by unfurling every aspect of our human essence.  All while enjoying organic food grown from the land you will be working on, creating an atmosphere where unity will have a greater meaning.






We are two passionate individuals that strive towards developing self-sustaining off-the-grid intentional communities.


We envision our Eco-farm as a place where people will  have the opportunity to experience self-sustainability by engaging in proactive activities while  interacting with others to gain skills that we can all benefit from such as Permaculture Systems, Coconut Oil Production, Trades, Arts and Languages.


This community is a welcoming space for people to develop themselves through earth-grounded practices, creative endeavours, permaculture, yoga, and communal living. We hope to network with other working Eco-farms in Nicaragua to foster a supportive collective of communities that share resources, expertise and relationships.

Recognizing I  was once a street kid from the city of Granada myself, our plan is to be able to give back to the community of Diriomo and Granada by making the teaching of Permaculture, Trades, Arts, & International Language available to anyone willing to take the time to come and learn. Not only that, but we also want the kids who come and learn on our land to be able bring food back home, this way they would get encouraged by their parents to continue learning with us as opposed to sent out to the streets to ask for money.


I now live in between two great countries, Canada and Nicaragua. Leaving behind half my heart each time I travel,  longing  each country for different reasons. Family, Love, Fatherhood, Appreciation, Grounded, Mentor-ship, One-with-the-people, Community, are some of the words that can easily describe the way I feel about these countries and the people in it.


This vision started long ago when I was introduced to my first volunteer project called La Esperanza Granada by Karen C. after that Jeel K. (aka. Daniella) proposed we fed the street dogs  of Granada , which we did only after having served food for the street kids and the homeless first. We were able to cook all this meals at 1-on-1 tutoring which allowed us to use their kitchen.

Maycor, Miguel (my-core) Montiel.  Coordinator at Tierra Madre


    Maycor, Teaching English at Casa de los suenos: It was a fantastic experience and the kids were very eager learners. The best thing of it all is that you get to design your own curriculum to teach, which, if you are an experienced teacher, you  appreciate the opportunity to teach freely. http://eduplusnicaragua.org/

    Teaching in pantanal, The passion and vision continued to grow. We moved from giving hand-outs to giving hand-ups and began teaching English in Pantanal, a lower income community. It has been amazing to see where some of our first students are today and the role that learning English has played getting them there! THANK YOU Luciano S. and Karen A. (from center to right)

    CooI, thanks for the bio. you seem to have it all figured out! What more do you need?


    This is where you and youtube come in to play an incredible role in our vision, should you be looking for a life style change in which we can become part of the difference in Nicaragua.


    I've come to realize while living in Canada that there is more to people's connection than serving coffee as a manager for Starbucks or  developing people on how to sell cellphones as an Area Sales Consultant for WINDMobile Telecommunications. I had to turn back to my roots in Nicaragua and do one of the things I love most. Give a hand-up instead of a hand-out!


    My experience is mostly pedagogical and my fight is against illiteracy and hunger. I also recognize that sometimes un-empowered people need more than English or Spanish to get ahead in life. Hence, Tierra Madre Nicaragua. Do you have  any trade skill? Visit our volunteer section to know more about possible opportunities to work with us.


Miranda  Martel.  Founder at Tierra Madre

When I was a young teenager I always questioned the status quo, Wondering why we had to follow behind with empty thoughts, like everything around us is trying to tell us how to think, with its constant influences.. I knew there was something behind society's mask that was meant for me.

Wanting to know the truth about living life, with passion as the motivation, I started looking for answers. It was clear to me that opposing the materialist and selfish social culture that I grew up in gave me more reason to be excited about growing up.  Taking Shamanic traditions and practices and learning about Anthropology and Ethnology at University of Ottawa in 2012 was one of places I found answers for my sprouting questions.

I started doing more research on subjects that were more important to me such as the food industry, boundaries of class, culture, social, and economic problems, which helped me recognize that privilege has varying degrees, and that our culture is one of dependency. In all that, I pulled through the tug of war I was having between what is "normal" and opening my mind to possibilities beyond the security and society that surround me. The conclusions I found have made an incredibly massive impact on the way I want to continue the ritual of living my life. They shaped me to become the gardener and flower of my own growing garden.


    Miranda, The path to becoming a Certified Herbalist is one of learning about the benefits of the herbs and plants that grow right around us. It has given me more reason to appreciate the earth, the sun and the rain. Healing people with alternative minds with natural sources is constantly rewarding. My purpose is one that calls me back to my roots as a being on this planet to help heal, and share knowledge to prove that there is still abundance of beauty and power of medicine in nature.

    If only we could hang on to our hearts with intuition always...


    Life is much bigger than us, but the conscious decisions we make are a pure reflection of who we are as a people on the planet we share. The first reflection we as a people on this planet have ever seen, is in the fresh pristine water we depend on. Nature's gifts and depleting natural resources can no longer be taken advantage of and it is no longer a decision we should be contemplating. So much more of our beautiful natural world is to be protected and everything the magnificent sun's light shines on needs to be cared for by and with people who are willing to change their lifestyle. Belief in a system such as the very ecosystem we cannot live healthy without is one that can be preserved simply by using methods of permaculture: an important base to living passionately and parallel with nature. Living side by side with one another like ancestors of all kinds always did.

    Thus, I have learned the ways of nature, the heritage in the foliage of the seasons, of the plants, herbs, flowers, roots, seeds and in the healing knowledge that has been carefully passed down as offerings. As a Certified Herbalist, I have a lengthy path ahead to learning more about the medicines of nature in other parts of the world, in the next chapter of my learning: Central America, Nicaragua.


your own permaculture design course at








Volunteer in our eco-farm to help us create self-sustainable food forests, organic gardens, and natural buildings. So that we , together,  can inspire the human spirit and encourage permaculture behaviours as a benchmark. This way  the people around us will have a point of reference on how to  respectfully  go back to working the land,  creating water catchments and  managing the eco-systems in the way that Nature intended it.




    I like the sounds of what you're doing, what kind of work do you need?


    At Tierra Madre we are in need of knowledgeable people who can help us build creative living spaces, water catchments, bat houses, and the overall upkeap of the farm - using sustainable materials already provided to us by nature. Simply put in other words, we need help responsibly landscaping the space with a permaculture design in mind. Composting, planting & watering - we are big on organic foods responsibly farmed and we hope that you are too :)



    Who are we at the farm?


    We are a Nicaraguan - Canadian mixed family. Most times we are too many but sometimes we are just too few. We welcome like-minded volunteers from all over the world, of all ages and ethnicities who are willing to give a few hours each day to maintain our farm.  Because our experience is limited, we would ideally love to have people who have  experience in helping us with the above tasks. Don't have any experience? if you have your heart in the right place want to be a part something great, we want you!



    Is it gonna cost me anything?


    NOPE! Working alongside towards a common goal does not, will not and should not cost you. However, Lodging with us will. And It depends on the length of your stay and whether you are eating with us or not. Volunteers staying with us for a month or more can expect to contribute $350/mo. We really expect a one month commitment at the very least.



    How is my contribution invested?


    The money you contribute goes directly to pay our local helpers, locally cooked Nicaraguan meals, and developing opportunities for the farm. You eat what we eat :)


    We believe in responsible volunteering and sustainability and we want for our volunteers to be able to communicate and connect with our family and the community around us therefore your contribution also covers:


    • Daily afternoon Spanish classes (taught by the best Spanish teacher in Nicaragua)
    • Farm upkeep costs and projects
    • Lodging and tour-site recommendations



    So you are saying that for only $350/mo I will have all my bases covered, from lodging to Spanish classes and including hot meals!?


    Yes, thats right! However, should you choose to eat differently, you are welcome to use the kitchen and whatnot.



    What's lodging like?


    TentitUp!  Set up a tent anywhere on our farm and enjoy your own undisturbed space.


    HangitLow! Enjoy breezy fresh nights under the stars with the sounds of nature as your lullaby wrapped-up in a cozy blanket and pillow.


    StayIn! Come inside the house and stay and bunkIt in a share room. Here all the rules of the house are applicable so don't mess it up :P



    Do you have any activities in mind?


    The longer time you dedicate to volunteering , the more goodies you will come by. There are a variety of activities and classes of which you can partake in:


    • Learn the local fruits of Nicaragua in our farm and neighbouring farms.
    • Assist other families and experience selling produce at the market
    • Learn to make virgin organic coconut oil (provided our trees have some), natural bug spray, organic chocolate, baskets, mud bricks, etc...


    Visit the city of Granada, over the weekend and stay at casa chiquita.

    Nelson, Lives at the farm. and help us with watering and moving plants around in his free time from school

    Our first impressions of the farm!, We found guineo plantations and trees with big leaves which turned out to be Teak Trees :)

    Our initial workers! Have you ever asked yourself how hard it is to find somewhat honest, hard working people? We were really lucky that we found them :)

Because our farm is in its early stages, the volunteer opportunities we have available at this moment are limited. Right now we need: Carpenters, Electricians, Construction Workers, Permaculture Designers.  In the very near future we are hoping to  be able to not only to become a part in helping create sustainable systems in our land but we also hope to branch out our creative knowledge with the community we reside in. That is,  we will be able to exchange our knowledge in arts, languages or skill-trades because Nicaragua needs more than just knowledge of the English Language to thrive.


We have been blessed and have had the opportunity to work in an amazing organization that focuses in providing children daily with hot meals, English, Reading and Math classes. You can check them out if you are wishing to get involved right away:





We will show you around some of the best hidden jewels of Nicaragua. Giving you the opportunity to travel as  a local  with us you will experience our Nicaraguan culture first hand

Do TOURS with US


All the money earned or donated goes directly to pay our local helpers and developing opportunities for the farm to help us  build creative living spaces, water catchments, bat houses, and the overall upkeap of the farm - Our ultimate goal is to be able to provide a place where people around the community can come and learn different things from Languages, Permaculture, Arts, anything  a willing volunteer is willing to teach. WOOT, WOOT, we have the space for that :)

Spanish in 20 hours is a promise. In this course, you will not only learn to speak and understand Spanish, but, you will also be able to think in Spanish to carry on native conversations in depth.

Learn Spanish in 20 hours

Contribute $$$

Useful for many reasons, each dollar you contribute is appreciated :)

the country you thought you knew


Nicaragua - one of the most fascinating countries in the western hemisphere with its magnificent Lakes, Volcanoes, Beaches and Colonial Culture, one can say is the best kept secret in the world.


At Tierra Madre, we strongly believe in creating an intimate human connection in everything we do. We apply this philosophy to the places we visit. This mean, we will take our time to allow you to experience every aspect of our Nicaraguan culture from day trips to nightlife :)

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    On this trip we will visit some of the most popular beaches alongside San juan del Sur :)

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    24 MINS FROM


    Granada-Nicaragua, Considered by history to be  sister capital to Antigua Guatemala, is home to 365 magnificent islands, Volcanoes, and astonishing Night Life surrounded with live music and cultured rich people from around the world as it inside its grand, colourful  and colonial buildings, holds The International Poetry Festival.


    "Come as strangers and leave as friends :)"



    "There is no poem that doesn't begin with an open wound nor there is a wound that begins from a poem.


    Power over power, pushing and pulling. True love, a love without stupidity, you've given me stupidity without love, spitting up to the sky with your arms wide open all the while expecting a golden petal would fall on your face. Have you forgotten that your power over me comes from my love for you".

    Mycore M.

    To Our wonderful believers & supporters, this is, a big, for you, Thank-you :)


    Through the tremendous moral, artistic, and small-heartfelt financial support of philanthropic family and friends who embrace new ways of thinking, we have realized most of our public commitment to embarking on this vision and life style change in Nicaragua :)


    Our first fund-raising event in Ottawa


    The Best of Nature

    get in touch :)

    Tierra Madre Nicargua




    Nicaragua -

    Canada - 1.705.561.5365


    Nicaragua -

    Canada - 318 Perrier Ave. Ottawa,ON

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